Asean Energy Corp.

Asean Energy Corp. is a Canadian-based international oil and gas company primarily focused on oil field redevelopment (EOR) and near-production opportunities, as well as well-positioned large-target exploration fields in Southeast Asia. At this early stage, the Company employs a strategy of attracting farm-in and joint venture participation to reduce risk and shareholder dilution.

Asean’s objective is to leverage management’s operational experience and contacts to establish a strategic foothold in the oil sector. Focus is on reviewing historic data and employing local contacts and expertise to secure strategic projects with 100+ million barrel potential, and larger interests in earlier-stage projects where modest work programs could attract farm-outs in return for carried interests.

Southeast Asia and Indonesia and Malaysia in particular represent excellent oil and gas exploration jurisdictions, with established exploration and production activity, reasonable fiscal terms, and relative ease of doing business, where discoveries can be rapidly commercialized.